Kunming Trip FAQ

1. What is the content of western breakfast and Chinese breakfast?

A western breakfast will usually consist of buffet that contains - breakfast cereal, fruit, eggs, sausages, bacon and bread and toasting facilities.

A Chinese breakfast will usually include a number of hot dishes such as noodles,vegetables and rice congee (porridge) and will probably also include fruit.A selection of steamed buns containing meat or red beans will probably also be available.

Water and green tea is always available and black tea bags and coffee are usually available.

2. What is a package tour?

A Tour Package is a China trip which has been constructed by China Highlights and will include all the components to make your China visit an unforgettable experience as follows:
*Domestic fares including airfares, rail or road as specified in the tour
*Accommodation as specified
*Meals as specified
*Guide and driver
*Taxes and fees as specified
We do the organization so you just have to enjoy your trip.

1. Private China Tours 
Does your small group of family or friends (1-9 People) want privacy and freedom to change the schedule at short notice? Yes? Then work with our travel advisors to design an Independent China Package to suit your needs.

2. Organized Small Group Tours
Our experience guarantees that you see the best and get the best at the best price by joining one of our Organized Small Group Tours. The quality doesn't change we guarantee it!

Private China Tours are usually small groups consisting of 1-9 people (individuals, family or friends). Group members can enjoy the convenience and privacy of traveling in one vehicle by themselves. Choosing a PRIVATE TOUR will give much more flexibility with your itinerary and time. Your group will have an experienced private guide and driver at your disposal to ensure that you experience the best we have to offer. Groups of 1-3 guests will usually travel by air-conditioned car while groups of 4-9 will travel by air-conditioned van. Is your group 5 or larger? Check our price for a PRIVATE CHINA TOUR! You will be pleasantly surprised.

Organized Small Group Tours can be divided into 2 categories:

1. Single City/Short Tours
2. Multi-destinations China Packages

1. Single City Tours are 2-5 day packages focusing on the attractions of one city or geographical area. You will be welcomed by our guide who will meet you at your entry point whether it is the train station, airport or your hotel. You will then be able to enjoy a fully escorted tour to enjoy the sights in the comfort of one of our air-conditioned luxury vehicles.

2. Multi-Destination China Packages We have constructed packages that contain the most requested and popular sights and attractions in China. We combine the best of China with our experience and know how to give you a great tour at a great price. You will travel by luxury coach with the best drivers and guides who will ensure you lack nothing and you will meet new friends with whom you can share your China experiences.

We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the quality or the value of our Private Tour or our Organized Small Group Tours. Our fixed departure dates for Organized Small Group Tours mean that you can plan your trip with certainty.

3. Are Your Tour Packages Customizable (tailor-made By Our Travel Advisor)

Yes, all the packages we offer are customizable to meet your satisfaction. We know everyone wants something different, so our job is to work with you to design a perfect trip to China according to your preferences. Our purpose is to provide a personalized tour to you.

4. What Is The Difference Between Superior, Deluxe Tours And Tourist Class Tours?

The difference between Superior, Deluxe Tour and Comfortable Class Tour are reflected in the hotel which is provided. On most circumstances Tourist Class will quote to 3 star, 4 star will quote to Deluxe and 5 star will be Superior Class. In some cases however this may vary. If we consider a hotel does not reach the required standard we will use a hotel that is rated as five star in Deluxe Class. Range of tours uses the best of the best in hotels but also provides many other luxuries for discerning travelers.

5. What's A Private Beijing Tour?

Private Beijing Tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy many highlights and privileges that the other two methods can not provide.

  • Private cars or minibuses – A clear, air-conditioned car or minibus that will hold all the members of your group is at your service while sightseeing in a city or town. Only your group will share your vehicle. Your group will usually use planes, trains or public express buses when transferring between cities or towns. Private cars or minibuses are not available except by special request and extra charges would apply.

  • Private local tour guide – A local English-speaking guide (guide speaking other languages is available upon request) is available for your group in each city or town that you visit. The guide will take care of all tour arrangements. The guide is assigned to only your group.
  • Private driver – An experienced driver is at your disposal in each city or town.

  • Flexible tour arrangements – You can be with your tour package arrangements according to your varying. This gives you the flexibility to change the visiting order or extend visiting time of some attractions.

6. Do I Need To Include All The Meals In The Package?

We used to include all meals for our clients traveling in China. But from the previous customer's responses, we find that most of our clients prefer to leave the dinners open on their own so that they can enjoy some time themselves after a day's tour with our guide and driver. They can choose either to go to a local restaurant for a little adventure or to have a simple dinner in the hotel where they stay. They may also prefer to choose a unique restaurant which appeals to their own unique interests. We have previous clients saying that they missed western food after 10 days' lunches and dinners all in Chinese style and at last they decided to skip the Chinese dinner in local restaurant and choose to have a western dinner in hotel.

If you decide to have local meals on your own in local restaurant in different cities, please do ask our guides' recommendations.

For some "off-the-beaten-road" destinations, we will take the liberty to include dinners in those places where we think it is better to get meals pre-arranged, because our clients may find it very difficult to communicate with the locals or hard to find a restaurant.

7. Are Breakfasts Included In My Tour?

Packages arranged by us always include breakfasts. If you book travel (plane or train) or hotel accommodation independently, then breakfast may not be included. Please confirm these details and advise your requirements.

8. I Had Booked A Private Tour, But Why Bus Transfers Were Not Provided During My Tour?

Private tour indicates that you will have private car, guide and driver only at your service in each city or place when sightseeing. It does not include "Private transportation" between cities or places. We will use flights, trains, ships or local buses for in-land transportation for either "Group tour" or "Private tour".

9. I Want To Join A Seat-in Coach Tour. Do You Operate Seat-in Coach Tours Directly?

No. we do not operate Seat-in-Coach Tours directly. We act as a booking agent for specialized SIC operators.

The Things Should Know about Seat-in-Coach (SIC) Tours

1. We do not operate Seat-in-Coach Tours. We act as a booking agent for specialized SIC operators.

2. We use these operators in good faith based on our experience and feedback on their service however we cannot guarantee the level of service or the attitude of the staff.

3. You should expect to be taken to at least 2 shops or factories and the guide may "encourage" you to buy.

4. Guides will not provide personalized attention to individual customers as they will on a private tour.

5. SIC Group Tour Pick up service: The coaches pick up customers at the appointed boarding hotel at the appointed time. You are advised to go to one of the boarding destinations if you are not check in those appointed hotels. Please reconfirm the boarding place and the time with the loal agent or your travel advisor.
The guide will contact guests the evening before the tour to confirm pick-up time. If guests are not in their room, the guide will leave a message. Please give us a reply if you receive the message.

6. Traveling Time: Half day tours usually start at 8:30 am or 1.30pm and last for about 4 hours, and a one day tour lasts about 8 hours from 8:30 to 4:30pm. The whole time includes the transfer service. Guest should be ready at the appointed time.

7. Shopping: Two shops are usually included in each one day tour. The guide will inform guests before the tour starts.

8. Other information:
The operators usually try to have ten travelers in an air-conditioned coach. It is usual to have 6 to 16 people in a coach.

10. I Want To Eat Authentic Chinese Food On My Trip. Do You Use Local Restaurants?

Discovering Chinese food can be one of the great adventures and most pleasurable parts of your Beijing trip. Food is an extremely important part of Chinese culture with food and eating being the center of many aspects.

We select local Chinese restaurants which are very popular among the local Chinese people and are fresh and authentic for private tours under 10 people. By moving from city to city during the tour, our guests can sample food which has local characteristics spicy, light, more salty and so on.

Mixing it with the local means that you get great food but it also means that you experience all aspects of the local lifestyle. Chinese people show their enjoyment and can be very loud during their meal. Most restaurants do not have non smoking areas and smoking while eating is very common. The rest rooms are usually Chinese style. The tour guide or travel advisor is always ready to help or make adjustments if some aspects become too much.

Many tour operators use only tourist restaurants which are cheaper and save time on waiting as all meals are ordered in advance. The staffs know some simple English and offer knives and forks. Unfortunately the dishes are not quite Chinese and definitely not Western. Ever worse, most seem to use the same menu and inexplicitly are located next to shopping opportunities.

On a rare occasion we has to use a tourist restaurant. This is done when a scenic spot is far away from the city or no suitable local restaurants are available. Please understand that this is only done when no other option is available.

It includes a meal allowance of RMB80 per person per meal. We believe this will provide a great Chinese meal that will give you the opportunity to try the local cuisine. We cover the cost of 1 glass of beer or soft drink. Customers are required to pay for additional drinks, wine and spirits.

11. How To Make A Reservation?

To show you how easy it is to book your Beijing trip with us through the Internet, please read the following steps. Keep in mind that your input (steps 2, 3, 5 and7) is essential in achieving a travel plan that best suits your wishes.

Step 1: Select a Tour: Brower our tours pages to select the tours that most suit you. After selecting the tour of your choice, please click the " Inquiry/Customize this Tour " red button in the middle of the web page to get to the booking page. If you have any questions about this tour just click the" Ask a Question " red button ask your questions there. Our online travel advisors will answer your questions within one working day

Step 2: Learn about our policies: We assume that you carefully read our web pages with information about your rights and our policies: Terms and ConditionsPayment and Cancellation Policy.

Step 3: Provide us with details of your travel plans: Please fill in the information on the booking page. Some questions are voluntarily, but keep in mind that our travel advisors need as much information as possible to create the perfect vacation for you.

Step 4:  Submit Your Booking: After filling all the necessary information, please click the " Submit Your Information。

We may send you again a message with specific questions if the information that you provided in your booking request and in your sent e-mail is not clear to us. Your answers will enable us to prepare a proposal offering you the best deals.

Note: You have become China Highlights Community member, through booking tour with us. An email with your login ID and password will be sent to you then.

Step 5: Design an itinerary for you and prepare a quote: With your answers to our questions we will design a plan for your tour including details of hotels, sightseeing trips and flight schedules. We may not, at this stage, be able to provide the domestic flight numbers in the itinerary but will indicate these by 'late pm flight to Beijing' or 'am flight'.

Step 6: Amend the proposed itinerary: Carefully check our proposal and feel free to amend the itinerary by changing cities, travel sites, hotels or flights. You may ask as many questions as you like when tailoring your tour.

Step 7: Revise itinerary and send a new quote: We will answer all your questions. With your additional requests and amendments we will revise the original itinerary and send it to you with a new quotation. Steps 5 and 6 may be repeated until you are completely satisfied with the final tour plan.

Step 8: Accept our proposal and complete the payment procedures: When you have finished 'Perfecting your tour', received our final proposal and decide to accept our offer, there are only two things left to do:

- Send us an e-mail stating your acceptance of our offer

- Complete the payment procedures as you can find in our e-mail send to you.

Note: It is highly recommended that your tour reservation with Yangtze River Cruise be made 40 days prior to the actual traveling date while others can be made 30 days prior to the actual traveling date.

Step 9: Secure and confirm your booking: Upon receiving your deposit, we will immediately start making the reservations through CITS Guilin. All of the flights, hotels and other items in the itinerary were available at the time we made the proposal. However, we are not able to guarantee their availability until we have secured the bookings after receiving your deposit. The earlier that you confirm our proposal, the more likely we can adhere to the proposed itinerary. If we are not able to book part of the flights or hotels as proposed, we will suggest alternative options and ask for your approval before securing the booking.

Step 10: Confirm your booking and charge your credit card: The process of confirming your tour will take 1-10 days depending on how early we receive your acceptance of our offer and the uniqueness of your tour (It may take longer if the Yangtze River cruise is included). If required for your visa application we will e-mail or fax you a 'Reservation Confirmation' on our company stationery.

Special note for ' Visa or Master Card by fax': Only after confirming the bookings will we charge your credit card (Deposit or full payment).

Step 11: Send you a confirmation letter: After the tour reservations are confirmed and payment is received we will send you a letter with the confirmation code and, when applicable, tour vouchers.


12. How Long Before The Tour Beginning Date Do I Need To Make The Reservation?

Late reservations can not be guaranteed for the hotel rooms and tour prices, especially tours during the high season. We usually suggest our clients make reservations at least two months before the departure date. If you come to China in September or October, we recommend you make the reservations three months prior to your departure date.

However, we ARE capable to take late reservations and we will try all means to help you with your succeeding travel arrangement. It is usually no problem for us to make a tour more than 15 days prior to the departure date. We encourage you to call us directly by telephone if your reservation is very late.

Please check out our terms and conditions to learn about our policy for late bookings.

13. What Information Do I Need To Provide To Make A Reservation?

We need your answers to some of the questions listed below in order to suggest the best way to travel with the most reasonable price for you. Please try to answer as many of my questions as possible as this will aid us to give you the best possible service.

(Please just skip the questions that you have already filled on our web sites)

We need to know:

1.  What is your country of residency?

2  How many are traveling together with you (including yourself)?

3 Could you please let us know all the names, ages and passport numbers?

Please write your names (as it appears in your passport) clearly in the below format.

Mr. or Mrs. Your name; Birthday, Gender, Passport number; Nationality,Adult or child (less than 12 years old)

4 How many days do you intend to stay in China?

5 What are the places you 'must' go?

6 What are the things you 'must' do?

7 If there are children traveling with you, please tell us their ages. There are significances price differnecesfor children 'under 2 years old', 'under 12 years old' and 'above 12 years old'. Are they above 1 meter/3 ft 3 inches tall or under 1 meter/3 ft 3 inches

14. What Kind Of Vehicles That You Use?

We know that you want to travel in comfort while you visit the many attractions that you have selected for your china tour. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the vehicles that we use. All vehicles are air-conditioned and have comfortable seats. We always provide a vehicle that is larger than required for the number of people in your group so that you have ample room to relax and to carry you bags and shopping. Our drivers are selected for their driving ability and knowledge. We use similar vehicles in our fleet throughout, but we have listed the main cites below with the vehicles.

City Seating Capacity Person Per Vehicle Brand-Type of Vehicle
Beijing 2 1 to 2 Red Flag – 4 Door Sedan
6 3 to 5 6 3 to 5 Golden Cup –Mini Bus
6-15 5 to 8 6 to 15 5 to 8 Little Golden Dragon or Sichuan Toyota – Mini Bus
15-22 9 to 14 15 to 22 9 to 14 Medium Golden Dragon – Small Bus
30 over 15 30 over 15 Grand Golden Dragon - Coach
Shanghai 6 1 to 4 Golden Cup - Mini Bus
12-16 5 to 8 Ford – Mini Bus
19-22 9 to 11 Little Golden Dragon – Small Bus
30 over 12 Medium Golden Dragon - Coach
Guilin 7- 9 1 to 6 Geruisi/Fengxing/Hyundai–Mini Bus
13- 19 7 to 12 Toyota – Small Bus
20-31 13 to 17 Little Golden Dragon or Luosha – Small Bus
32-39 18 to 28 Medium Golden Dragon - Coach
over 40 over 28 Grand Golden Dragon or Dayu - Coach
Tibet 5 1 to 4 Toyota Landcruiser – 4WD
11 1 to 9 Golden Cup - Mini Bus
23 10 to 20 Toyota- Small Bus
33 20 to 33 Golden Dragon - Coach
Hong Kong 2 1 to 2 Mercedes Benz – 4 door sedan used transfers
7 1 to 4 Toyota - Mini Bus
20-24 5 to 9 Toyota – Small bus
43 over 10 Toyota - Coach


Some pictures of the vechicles we are using

7 Seats van

7 seats van

9 Seat van

9 seats van

Santana Car

Santana Car

Deluxe Car

Deluxe Car

China Highlights Car


China Highlights Car

Luxurious Car

Inside the car

Inner Appearance of our cars

15. What Is The Tracking Code & Confirmation Code?

There are two codes used in the process of your tour booking. One is the tracking code, the other is confirmation code. Tracking code is used before confirming the booking. When the guest confirms all the tour with payment, a confirmation code will be provided and also be informed to each local office or hotel. We just add more numbers in front of the tracking code.

Your confirmation code: A-0718RichardUs2-5028

A for Angela, your tour operator, 0718 for your enter date, Us for USA, your country of residency. 2 for 2 pax, 5028 for your tracking code. When you phone China Highlights - our office, just reach Angela, your tour operator. Or provide your tracking code (when Angela is absent), her partner will find your file quickly by searching your tracking code in the computer. And she/he will take care of your case.

16. When Will I Get Confirmation Letter?

Once we have received the 'Payment Guarantee' Fax from you, we will process your booking order immediately and send you confirmation letter when everything is confirmed as what we proposed. The process of confirming your tour will take 1 to 10 days depending on how early and how unique your tour is. All of the proposed hotels, flights were available at the time when we were proposing for you, but we are not able to guarantee the availability of the same proposals since booking status are changing fast.

If we are not able to book what we have proposed for you, we will give you other options and ask for your approval before securing the booking. If you need the confirmation letter to apply for Visa, please let us know, we will send you our 'Invitation Letter' for Visa Application with 'Confirmation' for you, but this will not be the real confirmation of your tour.

17. Does your quotation include the international flight?

Your quotation from China Highlights will not include international flights. We suggest that you obtain the best deal from international airlines that will be able to offer special discounted airfares to combine with the exceptional quotation that China Highlights will provide for you.

18. Is The Cost Of The Cable Car Included?

Cable Cars are located at several tourist venues in Beijing. These places include some areas of the Great Wall and some mountain areas. China Highlights generally does not include the cost of cable cars in the tour price unless cable cars are necessary to reach the scenic spots. If you have any health issues or prefer not to walk please ask us to include the cost of cable cars in your quotation. Ticket for cable cars can of course be purchased at the attraction.

19. How are Mybeijingchina, China Highlights and CITS related?

Mybeijingchina (www.mybeijingchina.com) is operated by China's leading online tour operator China Highlights. China Highlights provides Private Small Group Tour packages to all parts of China , and specialize in customizing and tailor-making tours for individuals, families and groups to their specific requirements while offering great value for money. We have established the Mybeijingchina website to provide specific and detailed information about Beijing and its many attractions for the many people who want to learn more about this exciting city.

China International Travel Service Limited (CITS) was founded in Beijing 1954 as state owned enterprise. It is China's largest and most influential travel related group and the only tourist enterprise on the list of the country's top 500 enterprises. CITS has 14 foreign subsidiary companies around the world and total assets of 5 billion yuan. CITS has over 20 regional branches around China, and CITS (Guilin) is one of these. CITS (Guilin) was founded in 1959, and was the first branch of CITS outside of Beijing. Some years ago, as a result of the economic reform strategy of the central government, all regional branches were privatized and established as private companies.

CITS Guilin is now an independent company and operates its own multi-language websites with the main website being www.chinahighlights.com which services the English market. www.chinarundreisen.com services the German Market, www.voyageschine.com services the French Market, www.viaje-a-china.com specializes in Spanish market, and www.arachina.com is the Japanese website.

20. When And How Much Does The National Tourism Administration Pay?

If we are at fault compensation can be paid as follows:

- 10% of the deposit if you are not told within 3 days of departure that a tour has been cancelled provided that we knew of the cancellation.

- 110% of your loss if you miss a plane, ship, bus or train because we gave you the wrong information.

-The difference between the amount you have paid and the agreed total price plus 100% of any loss resulting from a variation between actual activities and those specified.

If the tour guides are at fault compensation can be paid as follows:

- 200% of the service charge if your guide fails to meet the service quality standard.

- 200% of the entry fees and service charges if your guide personally alters your tour schedule or cuts down your tour activities.

- 100% of your costs for dining, entertainment and medical services added without your agreement in advance

- 20% refund on purchases if your guide takes you to a shop which is not one of our approved shops. - 100% compensation if you buy counterfeit goods from one of our approved shops.

- 100% refund for any goods bought direct from a tour guide.

- 200% of any tips paid to a guide if these tips have been demanded by force.

- 100% of your cost for dining and accommodation for any period that your guide leaves you alone without your agreement plus 30% of your total tour cost.

If other agencies supporting your tour are at fault, compensation can be paid as follows:

- The difference between the cost of a lower standard room and the room specified, plus 20% of the room cost.

- The difference between the cost of your lower standard / means of transport and the transport specified, plus 20% of the transport cost.

- Entry fees and service charges plus 20% of usual entry fees if any sights are closed when you visit.

21. Under What Circumstances Can The National Tourism Administration Make A Refund?

1. If you suffer any loss because we fail to deliver the services, or to meet the service quality standards
outlined in the contract.

2. If you suffer any loss because the service quality standard in our contract does not meet the standards set by government.

3. If you lose your deposit because we go out of business after your bookings are confirmed.

4. If the National Tourism Bureau decides you should be refunded.

22. Complaints And Claims

Shall you feel unsatisfied with any service CHT has provided, please notify your local tour guide or your travel advisor to avoid the potential for similar problems happening again during your trip.

In the event of a complaint or claim for compensation, you must inform us by email, regular mail, or facsimile in writing within 15 days from the end of your tour. Relevant receipts and substantiating evidence must be attached to the letter of claim. CHT will not be liable for any claims made later than 15 days after the completion of your tour.

23. What Are The Exceptions?

1. If weather conditions, force majeure or other elements beyond our control prevent us from delivering the agreed services.

2. If you do not take reasonable steps to protect your belongings, and personal security.

3. If you do not make reasonable efforts to meet the schedule.

4. If you willingly become involved in any illegal, violent or dangerous activities.

5. If you dot not make a claim within 90 days.

6. If the dispute has been submitted to the court.

7. If personal injury or property loss is suffered though the fault of the traveler.

24. What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?

Methods of Payment
We are now able to offer 3 methods of Payment:
1. Visa or Master Card secure online payment via PayPal.
2. Visa or Master Card by fax
3. Wire transfer.
Cash payment, travelers' check and company check is applicable upon special request, but personal checks cannot be accepted.

1.Visa or Master Card secure online payment via PayPal.When you receive our proposal with quotation, in the email body, you will see a 'PAY NOW' symbol, just click the Visa/Master Card PAY NOW symbol on the email payment request and you will be taken to the secure PAYPAL web site to make payment. If you are a PAYPAL member simply follow the usual system. If you are not a member it's easy to join and it's free!

Or if you can pay us online to our paypal account directly at pays@chinahighlights.com after logging in your account at www.paypal.com

Note: When either PayPal or China Highlights has reason to believe that the payment you made is fraudulent, we reserve the right to hold your bookings and require another method of payment.

2. Visa or Master Card by fax. When you receive our proposal with quotation, we will attach a 'Credit Card Authorization Form' with the Email for you to fill. Please open the attached file and fill out the required form, then fax it to us at 86-773-2885309 , with a copy of your credit card. If you prefer, you can scan the completed documents and email them to us. Click to see a sample of this form.
Credit Card Authorization Form in HTML format
Credit Card Authorization Form in word format

Note: This is only a guarantee of your payment; we will not charge your card until we have confirmed all the bookings.




3. Wire transfer.If you are booking your tour 30 days before your departure date, you may choose to make the payment by wire transfer. If you make payment from outside of China, please choose our US$ bank account, if you make payment from Hong Kong in HK$, please choose HK$ account, RMB account for payment made in RMB within mainland China.

Important Notes for those who make the payment through wire transfer:

1. Please include your tracking code on the transfer sheet when you are making wire transfer in the bank.

2. After you have made the wire transfer in your bank, please make a copy of the transaction receipt or stub issued by the bank, write down your tracking code on the copy and fax us the copy of the transaction receipt (Fax no. 86-773-2885309). Once we have received your payment fax, we will start to secure your booking.

3. It may take up to 10 days for your payment to reach our account. We recommend you to use the Bank of China to conduct the wire transfer which will be faster than using other banks.

Our Bank Information for Wire transfer/Bank Transfer


Our Bank Account (For clients from outside of China)

Beneficiary: Guilin China International Travel Service Co., Ltd
Bank Name: Bank of Communications Guilin Branch
Bank Address: 8 Nanhuan Road, Guilin, Guangxi, P.R.China
Acct#: 453008010010141027317
SWIFT NUMBER: COMMCNSHGLN (Please use this if your bank requires ID or Beneficiary Bank, Routing/ABA Number)
PC: 541001


Our RMB Bank account in Chinese (For clients within China mainland)

Bank account

Our HK$ bank account in Chinese(For clients from Hong Kong):

Bank Account

25. How Do I Know That I Can Use Paypal To Make The Payment?

Paypal has built a secure payment network of more than 55 countries and regions. Please click here to check out their service at your country. China Highlights Provides Secure Online Payment provided by PayPal! Click here to see our payment guide to Paypal and other means of payment.

26. I Have Confirmed My Order With You And Agreed To Pay The Cost By Submitting My Credit Card To You, But I Noticed That My Credit Card Has Not Been Billed For The Deposit As We Have Agreed. Is This The Correct Procedure?

When we have the tour we finalized together successfully booked, our billing department will submit'Payment Guarantee' with your credit card to Bank of China, Guilin, who will mail (snail mail) the 'Payment Guarantee' fax to the Bank of China, Hong Kong. The Bank of China Hong Kong, who is entitled to contact your bank, will 'snail mail' the fax to your bank. Upon receiving the request from Bank of China, Hong Kong, your bank then will let the charge go through from your credit card after finishing all the necessary legal processes. The whole process may take 2 to 3 weeks, so, it will take the same amount of time before you can see the charge from your credit card.

If you see that there is no bill to your Credit Card that does not mean that there is something wrong with the confirmation of your reservation.

When we have the tour we finalized together successfully booked, our billing department will submit'Payment Guarantee' with your credit card to Bank of China, Guilin, who will mail (snail mail) the 'Payment Guarantee' fax to the Bank of China, Hong Kong. The Bank of China Hong Kong, who is entitled to contact your bank, will 'snail mail' the fax to your bank. Upon receiving the request from Bank of China, Hong Kong, your bank then will let the charge go through from your credit card after finishing all the necessary legal processes. The whole process may take 2 to 3 weeks, so, it will take the same amount of time before you can see the charge from your credit card.

If you see that there is no bill to your Credit Card that does not mean that there is something wrong with the confirmation of your reservation.

27. What Guarantee Do We Have If We Send Our Money To Your Bank By Wire Transfer?

Actually we understand your worries to book a tour online. Any worries are reasonable. We will inform you once we receive you payment by email or fax. Also we will fax you the receipt of your payment. But we know that is not enough.

In China every travel agent is imposed to deposit a certain amount of money to a guarantee fund at the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA). We deposited RMB1,600,000.00 (about USD200,000) at the account of the China National Tourism Administration as our quality guarantee fund in case of guest complaints. So we have to serve our guests as your itinerary states. Otherwise our fund would be deducted and refunded to you if the complaint meets any breaches of items of the tourist law. Please keep the receipt your bank gives you if you wire transfer a deposit.

28. What Is Your Bank Account?

Click here to get our Our Bank Information for Wire transfer/Bank Transfer.and detailed payment guide.

29. Why Is The Money You Charged To My Card More Than That You Claimed To Me?

China Highlights currently converts Chinese currency to US Dollars for our quotations, but must charge your credit card in CNY. (See our Terms and Conditions for the current China Highlights exchange rate.) Banks and credit card companies must then buy Chinese currency at their local rate to make the payment. The rate may be more or less than our rate. Banks and credit card companies may also make a service charge for the transaction. For these reasons what appears on your bank statement may be more (or even less) than what you were expecting. Click here for an illustration.

Note: Before you pay, please check our exchange rate against your bank's exchange rate and your bank's transaction fee policy.

30. Can You Make The Refunding Directly To My Account (via Wire Transfer)? What Information Do You Need In Order To Refund Me?

In order to make the refund to your account(via wire transfer), we need you to confirm or let us know the following info:

Requirement from our clients: Your requests of asking us to refund. The stub of your wire transfer .

Requirement from us: The English version day by day itinerary. It will cost one day if your account is in Hong Kong, if in USA and have the agent, it will be 3 days, no agent, it will be 7 days.

31. Can I Pay For My Tour On The Telephone Instead Using Fax?

Unfortunately we cannot take orders by the telephone as the Bank of Communications requires us to have customer's signature for all credit card purchases. We are able to accept a faxed or scanned payment form with credit card authorization. We will email the required forms. Please print these forms and return them to us with a copy of both side of your credit card after you have signed the credit card authorization. Our fax numbers are +86-773-2885309. With a copy of your credit card,we can start on your bookings on reception of the "payment authorization."

32. Is It Possible For Me To Send Money To Your Account With Gbp?

Yes, you will need to use the bank details below for a bank transfer.



Acct#: 4530 08010 01014 1027317 


Company: Guilin China International Travel Service LTD

Company Add: 11 BINJIANG Road, Guilin, China 541002

All currencies, except JPY, USD, EUR, and HKD, can be processed using the above bank details. There is a different account for the following four currencies: JPY, USD, EUR, and HKD. Alternatively you could pay using PayPal. Click here to see our payment guide to PayPal.

33. Can You Make The Refunding To My Credit Card? What Information Do You Need In Order To Refund Me ?

Yes, we may refund to you credit card. In order to make the refund to your credit card, we need you to confirm or let us know the following info:

1) Credit card type;

2) Credit card number;

3) Issuing Bank of the Credit card;

4) The address of the above bank;

5) Credit card holder's full name, nationality, birth date;

6) The Billing address.

34. What Will My Guide Do?

Your guide is our representative "on the ground" in each city. He/She will make all the necessary arrangements trying to ensure that your stay is all you want it to be. The guide will help you to check into the hotel, arrange all transport for your tour as well as assist with shopping. Your guide will accompany you during your stay and will also provide interesting information about China and the sights that you will see during your stay. In short, if you need something just ask, and the guide will do their utmost to help.

35. How To Meet Your Guide?

When you choose our package tours with guide service included, your local guide will meet you at the airport, the railway station, the port or at the hotel. If the guide is At the airport, port or train station, the guide will hold a greeting sign with the name of one of your group member's name on it (usually it is the name of the person who contacted with us and organized the tour). The guide will stand in the place where she/he can be easily located and seen as you come through the arrival gate. In some cases that the guide will need to meet you at the hotel at which you are staying. The guide will call you the night before to set a meeting time and place to wait for you in the lobby.

Sometimes our guide use China Highlights Meeting Sign and Your Name Sign or only use Your Name Sign

Why our guides sometimes use "China Highlights Meeting Sign and Your Name Sign" to meet you, sometimes only use your "Name sign"?

Unlike the big whole sellers who select and promote only few popular places like Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Yangtze and Guilin, China Highlights provides customized travel services to every corner of China according to our client's very unique interests. China is such a big country that there are so many places that have never received any foreign tourists before, we may have not prepare our China Highlights meeting sign on some of the off-the-beaten-roads. In this case, our guide will write your name on a piece of paper to meet you (That is the Name Sign). While in popular places, our guide will use China Highlights Meeting Sign and your name sign to meet you at your arrival place.

One of Our Tour Guides"I would like to say thank you very much for the marvelous service and comfort provided by CITS Guilin and in particular I would like to congratulate our tour guide, Zhang Gao-yong on his highly informative and friendly presentation. His anecdotes and warm sense of humor greatly enhanced my appreciation of Guilin and Yangshuo. "

--Chris de Fries from Highgate WA, Australia

Zhang Gaoyong

Zhang Gao-yong, English name John, has been a tour guide for more than 15 years. After getting his university education in Guilin, he went to Australia from 1990-1991 for further English language and tourism study. Knowledgeable and experienced, he has a good sense of humor. He loves his job and is always recommended by his tour group members.

1.Recommended guide by A & K tour and Butterfield & Robinson tour, world famous sport tour company, for both local and national guides

2.Top guide for biking and hiking in CITS of Guilin

36. Do I Have To Tip In China?

We pay our guides and drivers a base salary plus a performance bonus however we realize that some people might like to tip guides or drivers for their service. The amount of your tip is your decision. As a guideline 80-150RMB/day would be usual for the guide and half amount to a driver, given separately to each person is preferable. Remember tipping is at your discretion.

37. What Should I Do If I Can Not Find My Guide?

Upon your arrival: Our guides will surely be waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival. However, if for some extraneous reason you cannot find our tour guide upon arriving at the airport, then please call our toll free number for help. It would be wise to keep a contact list with our office number on it in an accessible place in the unlikely event that you have a problem.

At scenic areas: Some of the popular tourist spots in China can be crowded during the peak seasons and China's public holidays. Some guests may lose their guide in a crowd. When you find the guide is not with you and can not find he or she in the immediate area, please follow the following steps:

 1. First of all, Don't Panic'. Relax and breathe. Realize that your guide is not far away and he or she is actively looking for you. You will be found soon.

2. Secondly, stay where you are and let the guide find you. Do not move far away. This will ensure that you are found in a timely manner.

3. Lastly, if there seems to be a problem with your guide finding you, find the nearest phone and call our free toll number and your travel advisor will help you to find the guide.

38. Which Languages Do You Your Tour Guides Speak?

Guides speaking major European languages are available in the major tourist cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Guilin. Other language guides may be available but they need to be booked a head of time.

In smaller cities we cannot guarantee a full range of services but we are happy to make a request for you.

39. What About The Chinese Tour Guides?

China has tens of thousands of trained and licensed tour guides. Some of them are professors, librarians, and teachers, working part time. There are exams once in a couple of years. Only the passed are qualified to work. China's travel companies are categorized into three classes. Class 1 can work directly with foreign tour operators. Tour guides working for this class are usually more experienced. English language is the first foreign language and most spoken by tour guides. They work according to pre-arranged schedules by his employer and talking about your tour sites is his basic job. Beyond these, he has to talk with the person who sends him.

40. How To Book A Beijing Hotel Online?

  Our Hotel Search Engine allows you to search for a hotel that meets your needs.


  1. Select city search to find all of the Hotels that we offer in a city or find a hotel which meets more specific requirements by defining your search criteria before searching.
    (if you come to this page from a specific hotel page, just skip Step 1.)

  2. Select the room that you require from our list of hotels and click reserve.

  3. Complete the reservation remembering to fill in all of the boxes marked with a red *.

    Do you want to be picked up at the airport and delivered to you hotel door? Just check the box on the reservation form and don't hassle trying to get a bus or taxi.

  4. Submit the reservation form which will be forwarded to our trained staff who will handle all of the dealings with the hotel to ensure that you stay in China is worry free.

  5. Our staff will complete the hotel reservation and forward a reservation confirmation to you. Please check the details and confirm your acceptance by paying the total amount on the confirmation.

    Payment is   required within 3 days. Payment can be made via credit card using PayPal or by faxing or emailing your credit card information using the form attached to the confirmation email.

  6. Your payment will be acknowledged by email and we will provide details of airport transfer or any other service that has been requested.
  7. Enjoy you stay in China!


41. On Your Web Site, There Are Different Kind Of Hotels, Deluxe, Comfortable And Budget, What Are The Differences?

In most circumstances, China Highlights uses 5 star hotels for Superior Class, 4 star hotels for Deluxe Class, 3 star hotels for Tourist Class.

In some remote areas or small towns it is impossible to provide the standards of the larger cities. China Highlights will provide the best accommodation available and your travel advisor will explain the situation in detail. The cost of the hotel will be reflected in the price.

To get a quick idea of the hotel standard, please read on.

Tourist Class, 3 Star Hotel

A 3 star hotel will provide AC room, 24 hours hot water shower, clean bed, desk, drawers and closet, carpet or wood floor, telephones in every room with international direct dial(IDD), mini-bar and refrigerator, color television sets, in-house movies, music, writing materials, western and Chinese dinning rooms with English-speaking attendants, coffee shop, banquet hall or function room, buffet breakfast and bar service foreign exchange, safe deposit boxes, store, camera film developing, fax and telex service, luggage storage, 24-hour laundry and dry-cleaning, wake-up calls, shoe polishing, and taxis, accept major credit cards and medical services

In remote areas or small villages which have no star hotels, the guests house or family Inn will always be equipped with clean bed, AC room, private bathroom with hot water shower. Limited English may be available at the reception desk but it is unlikely that any other employees will speak any English.

Deluxe Class, 4 star hotel

Based on the equipments of 3 star hotels, 4 star hotels should have luxurious and spacious sound-proof rooms, low-noise toilets, and hair dryers. They should have guests and service elevators, background music, health club, swimming pool, sauna, business center, greenhouse, 24-hour doorman, babysitting services, 24-hour room service available. A guest reception and assistant manager should be available in the lobby 24 hours a day. Laundry should be returned by next day. The restaurants in four-star hotels should provide two kinds of Chinese food. Bar service should be available to one am. There should be a 24-hur coffee shop and a breakfast and dinner buffet. A clinic should be on-site. A business center with photocopying, typing and translation services should be available. (However there are some exceptions in Shanghai and Hong Kong since they have limited space they can not provide swimming pools). English should be available at the reception desk and other employees may speak limited English.

Superior Class, 5 star hotel

Five-Star hotels are usually palatial with huge lobbies, their standards not quite matching the best of Paris or New Year, but very close. Service should be better than the four-star hotels described above. There are many hotels of five-star international standard, just as good as hotels in Washington or Ottawa except for the standard of English. Some hotels have their own fleets of Mercedes limousines of Toyota vans that make regular runs to the airport or city center. At least two hotels have Rolls Royce. Many have executive floors with concierges, free continental breakfasts, and fast check-in. Many have magnificent ball rooms and lobbies and cater to foreign business people on expense accounts. They have the best western food and probably the best Chinese food in town, and the most luxurious breakfast buffets. Some leave chocolates on your pillow, or a rubber ducky on your bathtub, nice litter touches that bring a smile.

The Chinese hotel star are determined by China National Tourism Bureau with a very strict standard. However, please keep in mind that, China Highlights Travel do not choose hotels for our clients only based on hotel stars which was given by China National Tourism Bureau, we choose hotels for our clients based on many other factors as well, for example, feed back from our clients, location of the hotels, management of the hotels, market preference of the hotels (for example, some hotels are very experienced in serving Chinese clients but not Western Guests) and so on. English will be available at the reception desk and other employees should be able to speak English.

42. Do China Hotels Provide With Free Internet Access?

Most major hotels provide Internet services. Some hotels offer free internet services, while most of them will charge an extra fee. For example, the Sofitel, Xi'an, charges RMB50 per day for internet access. Please check at hotel reception to get accurate information for each hotel. Internet fees are not included in China Highlights' tour package price.

43. Why Are The Beds In China So Hard?

Hard beds are very popular in China. Chinese people believe that hard beds are good for your health so the beds are made this way. Even though there are many foreign tourists coming to China, the majority of tourists in China are domestic tourists so the hotels cater for their biggest market. More and more hotels are realizing that foreign guests have different needs and the situation is changing slowly. If you find that the beds are too hard for you, please ask the housekeeping staff for a couple of extra blankets which you can put over the mattress. This will soften the bed a little. If you get extra blankets from the hotel, please allow enough time at check-out for the hotel to check that the blankets have been returned.

44. Can I Confirm A Non-smoking Hotel Room?

Yes,we can book a non-smoking or other type of room for you upon your requirements.

45. Chinese Hotels Ask For A Large Deposit When I Check In, Is This Normal?

Unfortunately, all Chinese hotels will ask for a deposit upon check in. The amount required will vary depending on the hotel. The deposit should range from RMB 100 a night to RMB 800 per night. Hotels in Beijing demand the highest deposits. The deposit can be paid in cash or by credit card. The hotel will process the credit card transaction and then process a credit at check out. A receipt is issued for cash deposits and it is necessary to present the receipt to obtain the refund of the deposit. The deposit is to cover mini bar usage or similar usage of chargeable item in the room or damage to the room.

46. I Have Been Told That Hotels In Beijing Don't Run The Air-conditioning All The Time; Is This Correct?

Yes, unfortunately, hotels in Beijing do not operate the air-conditioning in spring and autumn. There are two reasons for this:

1. The government requires that all businesses conserve energy and will take action against organizations that do not comply.

2. They believe that the temperatures in spring and autumn are generally acceptable and therefore do not believe that air-conditioning is required.

China Highlights has no control over this situation.

47. Is It Safe To Drink Water From A Bottle Water Dispenser In My Hotel Room?

No. We advise our customers not to drink from any bottled water dispenser in a hotel room. Most hotels provide individual bottles of water or large containers of hot water.

48. Why Book A China Hotel With Us?

  • Price
    We offer great prices because we get great deals form the Hotels. We are a travel agency with a substantial presence throughout China. We have built up good over many years with hotels in all of the major cities in China. They value our business and therefore provide great service as well as process to our customers.
  • Service
    All enquires and bookings at China Highlights are handled by real people, on the ground in China. We have negotiated all of our deals in person so we have a personal relationship with each hotel we promote. Price and ratings are not always a reliable guide to quality in China. We only offer hotels that provide quality product that is value for money. Do you need any other travel services? As a full service travel agency we can take care of your every need from airport pickups, flight tickets, tours and guides.
  • Reliability
    Finding a travel agent that you can trust is not always easy. We have been in business since early 1998, and we are a subsidiary of CITS Guilin, who has been in existence since 1959. We are big enough to meet all your needs and small enough to care. We offer value for money to our clients and responsibility to our suppliers. We are also registered members of major travel industry associations such as USTOA, PATA, IATA, CATS. Read more about our company here.

We realize that circumstance change and therefore we have developed a cancellation which we believe is very fare. Check it our here

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